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How to Grow Your Micro Market Business

December 12, 2022 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

How to Grow Your Micro Market Business

You’ve established your first micro market location – now what?  

Installing more micro markets is the next step to building your business. But growing fast and adding more locations can feel challenging when you’re struggling with inventory management, service scheduling and location reporting. How do you add more micro markets when you’re still figuring out how to best manage those first few locations?  

First off, you need fully integrated market management software that brings together your micro market locations and routes alongside your vending and/or coffee operations in one platform. This will enable you to grow your micro market business quickly and efficiently in the following ways: 

Strategically schedule your service visits

The key to growing your micro market business is by being strategic. Dynamic scheduling within your micro market software lets you focus on the locations that need service, instead of scheduling stops on a regular rotation. That means less product that must go in the truck and less time spent servicing locations. You can even plan service trips to restock your coolers and snack racks separately.  

When you prioritise strategic servicing, your micro market business will grow exponentially. 

Easily manage your inventory

Historically, restocking and service stops often meant drivers were flying blind. If a driver didn’t know what inventory needed to be restocked, then a location visit could take more time because of the back and forth to the truck.  

What if there was a different way for drivers to do inventory?  

For one, you (or your driver if you have one) can utilise a mobile app to access updated planograms that identify what needs to be restocked and where it’s located. Inventory is even easier with a barcode scanner inside the app, which cuts down on the amount of time spent at each location.  

With a mobile app that connects directly into your micro market software, you can expedite your growth by visiting more locations in less time.  

Utilise reporting to maximise market profitability 

As you continue to grow, you want to be sure that each of your micro market locations is profitable. Having all your data all in one place and full visibility into your location performance is helpful to making decisions for your business. Instead of pulling that data from multiple systems, implement one software that allows you to create financial and P&L reports in one place.  

At the end of the day, we all want to run profitable businesses. It’s important to partner with the right technology provider that can be your one-stop shop for all your micro market needs.  

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