Offer more options for your customers with a micro market.

If you’re looking to grow your business with micro markets, you’ve found the right place. From kiosks to coolers, cabinetry to software, Cantaloupe is the right partner to source everything you need for each new micro market location.

Watch a Micro Market in Action


more sales
in a micro market compared to vending. 


higher margin
 for food and beverage products.


average basket size
compared to £1.31 in vending.

Your one-stop shop for micro markets.

 From merchandising fridges/freezers and kiosks to cabinetry and signage, Cantaloupe has everything you need to build out your micro market.

Simplify the checkout experience.

Our line of micro market kiosks are modern solutions that make checkout easier for your customers. We have multiple options for locations of any size.

Smarten up with smart fridges.

Secure your micro market with our standalone Cooler Café, which remains locked until after a customer has made their product selection and their payment is processed. We offer multiple sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

Manage your markets business with Cantaloupe Go.

Need better inventory management? Our Cantaloupe Go platform gives you the critical operation insights required to manage your micro markets – saving you time and money.

What can you do with Cantaloupe Go?

  • Greater control over market inventories.
  • Route driver mobile app for efficient services.
  • Remotely check-in on kiosks
  • Create and manage loyalty programs
  • Monitor best-selling products


Micro Market FAQs

What is a micro market?

Micro markets are unstaffed, self-service retail spaces that provide food and drink options in unexpected locations. Instead of an employee at a register, micro markets have a self-checkout kiosk for customers to “grab, pay and go.” They’re popping up in break rooms, lobbies and other locations where people are looking for easy food options — often as a replacement for a vending machine.

How much does a micro market cost?

The estimated cost of a micro market can vary based on the size of the market and how many customers you expect to serve. We encourage you to talk to a Cantaloupe representative, who can help you come up with a more accurate estimate.

What will my micro market look like? 

Each Cantaloupe Go micro market is customised to the space it occupies and your sales rep has reference photos of markets created by other Cantaloupe customers to give you an idea of the finished product. Additionally, our team can create a mock-up of your future market based on space dimensions and photos of the intended location.

Can I customise my micro market?

There are several aspects of your market that can be customised. Not only can we help you create custom signage and fixture headers to represent your brand or your clients’ brand, but you can also customise your kiosk screens in the Cantaloupe Go web dashboard. 

How do I get started with a micro market?

If you’re ready to set up a new micro market, connect with a Cantaloupe sales rep to plan your market and place your order.

Do your micro markets integrate with any other systems or software? 

Our self-service kiosks for micro markets fully integrate with the Cantaloupe Seed platform as well as other vending management systems, including Vendmanager.

Are there any fees for a micro market?

Ask your Cantaloupe rep for more details about our monthly fee structure for markets.

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Grow your vending business with micro markets.

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