Smart Market

Introducing the Smart Market 

Cantaloupe’s Smart Market is an all-in-one secure micro market which stays locked until a consumer enters their payment information. The Smart Market contains everything you need for a market in one complete package, including a touchscreen kiosk, snack racks, coolers and cabinetry. 

Why a Smart Market? 

  • Reduce potential theft while still offering more product variety. 
  • Save time sourcing components and accessories with an all-in-one market design. 
  • Place your market in brand new locations thanks to a small footprint size.  

Secure everything with Smart Lock technology. 

The Smart Market’s single-unit smart store design comes equipped with Smart Lock technology, which keeps the entire market locked until payment is made. You can manage and monitor each of your markets online in the Cantaloupe Go web dashboard or “on the go” with the Smart Lock mobile app.

Set up your own Smart Market.

Get in touch with our team to learn more and to get started.