Optimise route scheduling.

Create the most efficient route schedules based on real-time and predictive demand data from your market locations. By automating your scheduling, you can reduce your operating costs while maintaining the same level of service.

  • Consolidate your service routes.
  • Save schedulers time while reducing fuel and labor costs.
  • Use Dynamic Scheduling to boost route efficiency.

Save time and money on service visits.

Don’t let service stops slow you down. Drivers can inventory and restock market sections using the Seed Driver mobile app, reducing service visits down to 15 minutes or less.

  • Only service market sections that need attention.
  • Select individual coolers and snack racks.
  • Inventory faster directly within the app.

Pre-kit with more precision.

Say goodbye to rolling warehouses. Know exactly which products to bring to each market location, and how much of each item you should take.

  • Generate accurate pre-kits for each market.
  • Minimise bring backs so trucks come back nearly empty.
  • Make perfect picks using real-time and historical sale data.

Improve the reporting process.

Generate detailed reports on sales, inventory, profitability, and more with consolidated operational reporting across all lines of your business.

  • Run multiple financial analyses in a single report.
  • Combine all sales tax and commission statements per account.
  • Build P&L reports to get accurate profitability across the business.

Streamline your operations with our market management system.

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Driver restocking cooler.