Four Reasons the P66 is a Game-Changer for Your Vending Business  

February 22, 2024 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

Four Reasons the P66 is a Game-Changer for Your Vending Business  

In the fast-paced world of vending, having the right technology is crucial. That’s why the Cantaloupe P66 card reader is an ideal option for operators looking for alternative devices for their coffee or vending machines. For operators in search of a reliable solution for their cashless payment needs, here are four reasons to look deeper into the P66.  

1. It integrates into major VMS systems. 

Not only does the P66 integrate into Cantaloupe’s own Seed vending management system (VMS), but it also integrates into leading systems like Vendmanager and Televend. This means that operators can take advantage of newer card reader technology inside their current VMS. The P66’s VMS integrations allow operators to easily track sales, inventory and revenue on the platform of their choice — ultimately improving operational efficiency. 

2. It’s already 4G-enabled. 

For vending operators who have older devices in the field, the ongoing (and upcoming) 3G sunsets should be top of mind. The P66 is already 4G-connected, which makes it an easy upgrade. 4G networks are faster, more reliable and provide a wider range of network coverage. This speeds up a machine’s transaction times and improves data connection reliability. 

3. It offers network reliability. 

Cantaloupe’s P66 card readers offer stability, reliability, and consistent signal strength. Operators can also feel confident in machine connectivity, as the P66 has roaming capabilities across six UK networks. Additionally, the card reader is certified with local UK banks, enabling faster and more secure fund transfers. 

4. It comes with installation and technical support. 

Operators want ongoing support from their technology partners. That’s why Cantaloupe has a team dedicated to P66 device installation, management and support. Operators can monitor devices within their chosen VMS, and rely on a troubleshooting partner should the need arise.  

“Cantaloupe’s customer support team is really good,” says Chris Worgan, Director of JW Vending. “You can ring the helpline, and whether it’s the U.K. team or U.S. team, someone will pick up and help us out with any problems. The installation guides and the support in installing has amazing.”

By leveraging the P66 on coffee and vending machines, operators can provide consumers with a convenient and secure payment experience. And, they can manage those devices in the field thanks to the P66’s integrations with existing VMS platforms. Choose the right device and the right partner to deploy new vending payment technology. 


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