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The Three-Minute Vending Experience: How Decorum Vending Is Bringing Convenience to the U.K. Commuter’s Travel

July 8, 2024 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

The Three-Minute Vending Experience: How Decorum Vending Is Bringing Convenience to the U.K. Commuter’s Travel

A U.K. commuter waits on a train platform for three minutes on average. For many commuters, those three minutes before the train arrives can be a critical time to regroup and refuel. Most transportation hubs now have small stores or vending machines right on the platform. Which makes it easy for commuters to quickly buy snacks and drinks before boarding their train.

Decorum Vending, a vending company focused on bringing solutions to serve the high-traffic public transport sector, offers a wide range of well-known and healthy food and beverage brands. As a data-driven company, Decorum Vending regularly uses the data collected by their technology to enhance the overall customer purchasing experience.

“We like to know everything,” says Decorum CEO, Declan Sewell. “The payment device is like a second telemetry device for us.”

Decorum Vending has upgraded their vending machines by switching out their previous card readers for Cantaloupe devices. By switching to Cantaloupe’s P66 and P100 card readers, Decorum Vending gives commuters a fast checkout experience in those three minutes before they board their train.

Quicker settlement times and seamless integrations

Before teaming up with Cantaloupe, Decorum Vending felt frustrated with an inability to access their money in a timely manner — often waiting two to three weeks for settlement. But with Cantaloupe as their processor, that was no longer a concern.

“Having quicker settlement times with Cantaloupe’s devices has made reconciliation faster and easier, and has allowed us to be more proactive with what is happening with the performance of our machines,” says Sewell.

Additionally, Cantaloupe’s card readers integrate seamlessly with Decorum’s Televend vending management software, giving the company full visibility into its transaction data.

Sewell notes, “Our goal is to bring convenience to a commute, so we want to bundle multiple products into one seamless transaction. The integration between Cantaloupe and Televend has enabled us to manage our machine performance and track basket sales by item, ensuring we can offer the ultimate convenience to our commuters.”

With the integration, the system’s can easily identify individual products within a transaction for refunds — a notable advancement for Decorum Vending. This feature simplifies the refund process, making it possible to refund a single item within a basket and enhancing customer satisfaction, trust and overall performance of their machines.

A strong partnership delivers substantial ROI

Cantaloupe has provided Decorum with three key services that have kept the partnership strong: reliability, exceptional service and financial savings.

Cantaloupe’s seamless integration with third-party providers like Televend and Vendo machines enables it to support operators’ unique business needs and tools. This reliability is crucial for building trust with end consumers, as it guarantees that vending operations are minimising downtime and service disruptions.

When it comes to service, the localised support provided by Cantaloupe during the national rollout — including the installation of new card readers — highlights the company’s commitment to hands-on, responsive customer service. This level of support reassures customers that Cantaloupe is invested in their success and available to help with any challenges.

And by offering more competitive rates, Cantaloupe presents a financially advantageous option for vending operators. The shift to faster settlements also improves cash flow, a significant financial benefit that can help sway operators looking for more efficient financial operations.

“Partnering with Cantaloupe has not only streamlined our business but also significantly enhanced our bottom line. The seamless integration and reliability of their systems made everything just work effortlessly. A major factor in our decision was the supportive relationship we’ve developed with the Cantaloupe team. It’s not just about the financial savings — it’s about partnering with a service provider who genuinely enhances our operations and makes doing business a pleasure,” says Sewell.

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