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J.W. Vending Upgrades the Customer Experience with Micro Markets

March 12, 2024 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

J.W. Vending Upgrades the Customer Experience with Micro Markets

Micro markets are quickly replacing the routine vending experience.  

That sentiment is echoed by Chris Worgan, director of J.W. Vending, a family business based in the United Kingdom that has been rapidly growing for the last 25 years.  

“When it comes to vending experiences these days, customers want the next thing,” he says. “They want something like their coffee shop or their Tesco Express – quick, simple and cool.”

For businesses looking to make these modern upgrades — whether in a university or in a workplace — micro markets are a cost-effective solution. 

“People are looking to close canteens. Micro markets offer an easier one-off cost, instead of having to staff five or six people to run a canteen.” 

J.W. Vending currently has four Cantaloupe Go micro markets in their fleet. Worgan says Cantaloupe has made the implementation of these micro markets seamless.  

“Cantaloupe’s back-of-house service is great. The support team is quick to pick up the phone and answer any questions we have. They have been great throughout the implementation process and helped us manage any teething problems that came up. If we can’t get ahold of someone in the U.K., then we’re able to get in touch with the team in America, who are just as helpful. Overall, it’s been a really positive experience.”

That positive experience with Cantaloupe has seeped into J.W. Vending’s customers’ experience with micro markets.   

“Adding micro markets to our fleet was an easy addition to our offerings,” says Chris Worgan. “It has given us something unique to offer our customers. There are many benefits for our customers to set up micro markets in different workplaces or in other locations. We want that positive experience with micro markets to encourage them to use our smart fridges, our coffee machines, everything else.” 

“Micro markets are the future of vending. I think we’re going to see more and more of them, everywhere.” 

If you’re looking to offer more convenience options for your customers, click below to explore Cantaloupe’s micro market offerings. 



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