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How to Switch from Your Current VMS onto Seed

May 2, 2022 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

How to Switch from Your Current VMS onto Seed

Making the decision to migrate vending management systems can seem overwhelming. You may be thinking…

“Would my employees leave if they had to learn another new system?”

“Will I lose customers if they don’t like this change?”

“How do we handle this type of disruption when we’re already struggling to get everything done?”

You’re not alone. Many Cantaloupe customers have made the move from legacy VMS systems to our Seed platform and have found it a surprisingly easy transition—for their business and for their people.

Why switch to Seed?

  • Operational visibility. With the full view of your data in one place, you can increase efficiencies and reduce costs in scheduling, delivery, inventory, and warehousing.
  • Comprehensive reports. Customize and build your own reports with Seed Spotlight—no manual work required to get the insights you need.
  • Streamlined processes. Eliminate manual work with Seed’s streamlined inventory management and automated merchandising decisions. In the field, you can service machines easily within Seed Driver. No more clunky handhelds that don’t work.
  • Industry expertise. Our Customer Success team is full of former vending operators. From running routes to running warehouses, they understand your business’s day-to-day challenges.

How to make a seamless transition onto Seed

  1. Connect with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). They’ll be with you from day one to support your operation before, during, and after Seed implementation.
  2. Set up Seed Sync to transfer data from your current VMS with the help of your CSM. No need for any manual data entry. Seed Sync automatically pulls your planograms, machines, devices, and more into Seed. Then, Seed uses algorithms to find data discrepancies and identifies ways to improve profitability at each machine.
  3. Work with your CSM to train your personnel on site. They’ll educate your team on how to use the software and how it helps run your business. From service techs and schedulers to drivers, everyone will quickly see how Seed saves times, reduces costs, and increases operational efficiency.

Don’t just take our word for it.

When the team at Continental Café partnered with Cantaloupe to implement Seed, they were able to scale quickly while maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

According to Tim McAra, Continental Café’s SVP of the Refreshment Services Group, “life just got a whole lot easier for our people, our processes, and how we service our customers.”

John James, General Manager of Refreshments Inc., understands the concern about changing from a legacy system to the Seed platform. “We were afraid we’d have to go to every machine, touch every device, and re-take inventory. But the biggest surprise was that on day one, the Cantaloupe team was able to get 90% of our machines switched over into Seed using Seed Sync all remotely. We had very few machines that we had to send technicians out to.”

Migrating from a legacy system to Seed is easier than you might think. Ready to make the switch? Talk to our team about getting started with your VMS transition.


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