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Three Reasons You Need a Mobile Servicing Solution

March 7, 2023 | By Cantaloupe, Inc.

Three Reasons You Need a Mobile Servicing Solution

The old way of restocking your locations is over. It’s been over for a long time. 

Parking. Going inside. Opening the machine. Writing down what’s missing on a piece of paper. Going back to the truck. Pulling what you need into a bin. Going back inside. Restocking. 

Why would you keep doing that for every single stop, every single day, especially when a mobile app would make it all go much faster?Whether you’re running a solo operation or have a whole fleet of drivers, here’s how a mobile servicing app can save you time, money and effort.

1. Save effort 

Using a mobile app connected to vending management software (VMS) to service locations eliminates the back-and-forth to the truck to grab product. Why? Because your app will already know what needs to be restocked at each location. 

To make the inventory process user-friendly, your app will display each machine or market as a grid-like planogram. This makes it easy to visualise where to put each product, as well as record inventory changes. Servicing becomes simple. 

2. Save money 

If you a have a driver (or drivers) servicing your machines, you’ll never have to wonder if they have sticky fingers with your hard-earned cash. Your mobile inventory app will have accountability tools to record cash collected at each location, with reports that you can measure cash overage/shortage against.  

You can also take or request photo or video audits of each location via the app, so you can cross-check the machine for empty coils, planogram discrepancies and remotely diagnose problems in your VMS if a customer were ever to call in with issues.

Your mobile inventory app will keep your records clean and ensure accountability for every employee in your business. 

3. Save time 

The best thing about servicing your locations with a VMS-connected mobile app? Before you even load the truck, you’ll know which machines or markets need to be restocked, what exactly to restock and when. All that info is loaded into the app already. 

At the same time, doing inventory on mobile reduces the amount of time spent at each location, which frees up time to visit more machines. So, you can optimise each route and even reduce the number of routes you’re running. 

Additionally, if you have office coffee accounts, capturing signatures in the app eliminates the need for paper invoices or receipts. Just drop off, get a signature and go.

Servicing made easy 

If you’re looking to make better schedules and speed up service stops, you need to take your processes mobile. Cantaloupe’s Seed Driver app is the all-in-one tool that will save you (and your drivers) time, money and effort out in the field. Available on Apple and Android.


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